About Me

Here are 20 fun facts about me.

1. My hair is 40 inches long(so far).

2.I have 22 American Girl dolls.

3.I play the ukulele.

4.I try to read 100 books or at least 10,000 pages a year.

5.Cookie dough ice cream is my favorite.

6.I taught myself how to crochet at age 12.

7. I've been to Disney World 4 times and Disneyland twice.

8.History is my favorite subject in school.

9.I love mismatched socks.

10.I have 3 brothers and a baby sister.

11.I love to ride my bike.

12.I want to be a writer when I grow up.

13.I have a 3 story doll house for my American Girl dolls in my room.

14.I love Big Band music.

15.I can't cartwheel.

16.Fall is my favorite time of year(I think).

17.I check out a bag full of books every time I go to the library.

18.My favorite website is www.ourdolls.net

19.I love to make my own patterns for sewing and crocheting.

20.I've read 5 books at one time on multiple occasions.