Monday, June 22, 2015

What is Happening in Sweet Pea Cove (My Doll Town)

I love taking pictures of my dolls! It is so much fun to set up a scene in a realistic way and capture it forever with my camera (even if it is only a phone camera). My dolls are always doing something from bike riding to reading to baking to dancing, something is always going on. That is why I though to share with you what is going on in my doll town. If you have a doll town or love to take pictures of your dolls, too, I would love to see your pictures! Leave the link to your doll pictures below so we can all see some awesome dolly-ness! :-D

Lilian is out riding one of the ponies.

Shola is saying "Hi!" to Nahji and Mosi who are relaxing on the hammock.

"Consuelo, you need to help me bake bread." said Josefina.
"Awww! All we do is bake bread! I just want to rest." says a tired Consuelo.

"Consuelo, you must help Josefina bake bread," said Kaya.
"You aren't helping," Consuelo points out.

"Sure I am! I'm going to eat the bread!" Kaya jokes.

Julie and Ivy are out enjoying the summer sunshine,

"Come on, Ivy! We are almost to the park!" Julie exclaims.

"Good! I need a break! I was made for gymnastics not biking," Ivy said between breaths. 

Mulan, Merida, Aurora, and Tinker Bell are hanging out outside.
"Mmmm! Breakfast smells so good!" Kanani said staring hungrily at the eggs Lanie was making.

"They look so perfect!"

"Kanani, I think you need to calm down," Lanie said as she spooned the warn eggs on a plate.

Addy is busy taking orders at her restaurant.

"What will everyone have?"

Decisions, decisions.....

"Oh, boy! What to get...."

Marie-Grace and Cecile are in the sewing room/ library.

"We need to do something outside today, Marie-Grace. It is so lovely outdoors!"

"Okay... Let me just .... finish... this .... stitch..., "Marie-Grace said, concentrating on her stitching"


Rebecca is showing Elizabeth a new dance.

Staring contest! GO!

Felicity and Caroline are talking about what products should be available at the General Store.

Emily and Susan are enjoying some fruit in the new breakfast nook.

"But..... I wanted that banana," said Susan, pretending to pout.

Kirsten is making herself a nice cup of raspberry tea.

Molly and Shirley are playing with the puppies.
Thank you for looking! I would love to see your doll pictures. :-)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Fun Garland Pattern is Here!!!

Finally, I have completed the Summer Fun Garland Pattern. :-D Whoo!

I think I got a little carried away with this one. Originally, I was only going to do 5 or 6 ornaments but somehow.... I ended up with 10. Hehe! They are just so cute and easy to work up! I couldn't help myself! Maybe I need to go to Crocheters Anonymous. "Hello. I'm Miranda and I have a crochet problem..."

Anyway.... after testing the pattern again, typing it out, taking in progress photos, uploading the photos, and setting it all in order, I'm proud to say it is done and ready to be purchased.

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop and Ravelry shop for $10.00.

I hope you enjoy and it inspired you to go out and have some Summer Fun!

After I made the garland and the pattern, I forgot 2 of the most important summertime staples!


How in the world did I forget them?!? :-(

SO, I might be doing a garland with just popsicles and ice cream. I got some ideas that I'm excited to put to yarn. :-)