Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FREE Pattern Disney Prince Tank Top and Shorts

I have a FREE pattern/tutorial for you today. Whoo hoo! :-D

This is a pattern is how to make a tank top and shorts to fit the Disney Prince and older Ken dolls. All my princesses had Barbie clothes to wear and fit well, while the Ken clothes, well, fit the Princes like second skin. The shoes fit, just not the clothes. So I went and made my own clothes for the guys to wear during the summer. Especially for Kristoff. Furs and summer heat don't mix.
On to the tutorial!

You will need:
thin jean material (or any cotton)
an knit t-shirt (I used the sleeves of an old t-shirt I was turning into a tank top for my brother)
1/2 in elastic
Safety Pin
sewing machine
Optional- Fabric markers
the pattern pieces found here

*all seams are 1/4 inch*

1. First we will start with the tank top. Cut 2 of the tank top. I lined up the bottom edge of the pattern with the hem of the fabric so I wouldn't have to hem it. 

2. With right sides together, sew the shoulder seams and side seams together.

3. Pink edges.

4. Flip right side out. You can leave the shirt like this or you can use fabric markers to draw a design on the shirt. Just follow the direction on your box of markers and make sure the design is dry before putting the shirt on your doll.

For the shorts

1. Cut 2 of the Shorts pattern piece.

2. With right sides together, sew 1 "J" piece together. Pink edge. Open up.

3. Hem the top.

4. Fold the hemmed edge down enough so your elastic can fit through (a little more than a 1/2 inch). Stitch across. You just made the elastic casting! :-)

5. Cut a 6 inch piece of elastic. Thread the elastic through the elastic casting using a safety pin.
*Tip* Sew down the edge of the elastic so it won't go flying out.

6. With right sides together, sew the other "J" piece together. Pink edge.

7. Hem the bottom of the shorts.

8. With right sides together sew the crotch area.

9. Flip right side out. Ta da! Your doll now has some fancy duds! ;-) 

I hope you liked the tutorial and pattern! :-)


  1. Clever idea to use the hem of the t-shirt's sleeve as hem of the top. Thanks for the patterns and clear tutorial.

    1. You are very welcome! I'm so glad you liked the pattern. :-)