Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FREE Popsicle Crochet Garland

It is here! Your adorable, summertime crochet garland! Introducing....THE POPSICLE CROCHET GARLAND!!! :-D Ta da!

Popsicles are a classic Summer treat! So cool, colorful, and sweet! ;-) Why not crochet some adorable Popsicles to hang in your home to celebrate Summer?

This pattern is 11 pages long and has 28 pictures (plus finished product pictures) to help you create your one of a kind garland.

The pattern even shows you how to do a Back Post Single Crochet stitch and a Front Post Single Crochet stitch. :-)

The Back Post Singe Crochet and Front Post Single Crochet create a raised bump to make the Popsicle look like the kind that could rip apart to make 2 Popsicles. So cute!

To make the garland you will need:
3.75 mm hook
6.50 mm hook
Red Heart Super Saver yarn (I used 7 different colors)
7 mm safety eyes
Black embroidery floss
Yarn needle
And, of course, the Popsicle Pattern!

Have fun creating your cute Popsicle garland!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School Garland is Here!

I know no one really wants to think of going back to school but this garland will make going back a little easier with these cute little faces cheering you on. :-)

The pattern for this garland includes a book, ruler, glue bottle, pencil, crayon box, notebook paper, and an apple. Each design has a cute little face that is just adorable! :-)

The pattern is 27 pages long and includes 78 pictures to help you make you own amazing Back to School Garland.

When designing this garland, I was trying to stick to classic, elementary school supplies. Back to the good ol' days... ;-)

One cool thing is, the book can be customized to be any school subject (or any book) you would want it to be. Change Math to Calculus. Science to Biology. Add in Harry Potter or Matilda. Let your imagination fly!

The Back to School Pattern is available in my Etsy Shop and Ravely Shop for $8.00.

Thanks for reading!