Thursday, July 31, 2014

Harry Potter Blanket Pattern is Here!!!

The long awaited pattern for the Harry Potter blanket is finally here!!! :-D Hooray! Just in time for Harry Potter's birthday! Happy Birthday, Harry! ;-)

The pattern is two files. One tells you how to read the graphs and help for making the blanket and yarn ideas.  The second file is all 9 graphs. I'm really excited about this pattern. It allowed me to "talk" more to you guys than just saying what exactly to do. The pattern was fun to make and is available in my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Patterns and a New Store!

Hi, everyone!

I'm glad to announce that crochet patterns for Gru, Lucy, and Margo are now available! :-D
Edith and Agnes are coming soon. ;-)

The patterns are PDF and are available in my Etsy store and in my new Ravelry store. That way you can get the patterns from whatever site you feel comfortable with.

In pattern news, I will be working on doing the Edith and Agnes patterns, Elsa shoe/slipper pattern, and the Harry Potter Blanket pattern.

Be sure to look out for all of those in the coming weeks! :-)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Despicable Me Agnes Doll

Little Agnes! She is so cute I'm gonna die! I love Agnes. She is so sweet and adorable. :-D Out of all the Despicable Me dolls, Agnes is my favorite to make. Here is why (in no particular order):
  1. She is fast to whip up because she is small.
  2. She is small.
  3. Her overalls complete with cuff.
  4. Her super high pony tail.
  5. It's Agnes...enough said. ;-)



Sweet little overalls :-)

Slant down angle?


Shiny face




Widdle feet

Despicable Me Edith Doll

Edith, the middle sister. There is not much said about her in the Despicable Me movies but what we do see is pretty awesome. Edith has a cool pink knitted hat and sweater and ,by the second film, has amazing ninja skills and ninja outfit! I like how Edith is sort of a mystery because it makes her more interesting. :-) Plus, I also like her name because Edith is the name of the doll in the Dare Wright books.

Edith front

Edith far

Artsy? Edith

Close up

Le outfit

Lil shoes


Profile/side/Edith kissing the wall...wait,what?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Despicable Me Margo Doll

Margo! The oldest sister on the 3 adorable girls Gru adopts. Margo was lots of fun to do (like all the dolls. I just like making dolls. Hehe!)

I wasn't sure on how to do her skirt at first. But I decided to do a color changing yarn that matched the colors of her skirt (it was also a lot easier than actually sewing plaid on to crochet).

For the picture on her shirt, I went with the Lorax that was on her shirt in the first movie. I love how it turned out! I just free-handed it and was very happy with how it turned out.

Her gasses were another challenge. I wasn't sure if sewing the glasses on directly to her face would work or not. But, they turned out good. Yay! :-)

Margo's hair turned out cute. I wrapped a piece of yarn to cover up where I attached the yarn so it would look nicer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Despicable Me Lucy Doll

It's Lucy! The lady with the lipstick Taser. Yup!  :-)
She was great to work on! At first I didn't know if I should have her in her dress or in her coat. But I eventually decided on the coat since that is how we first see her in the movie. 

Her high heels gave me trouble at first. I finally just decided to go for it and see how they turn out and I was happy with the result. I crocheted her leg to a point then crocheted the base of the shoe. Next I added a chain for the heel and sewed a stitch for the two straps. 

The second hardest part in designing her was her hair. In the movie, her hair was in a loopy bun. But I couldn't think of a way to do it with out the loops falling out eventually. After consolting my mom(she helps A LOT with deciding on what to do), we decided on a braided bun. I attached yarn to form a  super long ponytail (it reached her feet(I guess you could say she is the "Modern Rapunzel"(Ooooo! Double! Now triple parentheses!))) then braided it and wound it up. 

Lucy took the longest to do but only because I couldn't decide on what to do. Curse you indecisiveness! But I love how she turned out! :-) 

Lucy close

Lucy far

Lucy's pretty close-up

Artsy Lucy ;-)

The trench coat



Wook at the widdle high heews!

Braidy bun!

An even closer close-up

More Lucy

You just know she is itching to get out her lipstick Taser.

Lucy looking left

Artsy Lucy Part 2

If you like Lucy, I can make one for you. Just check her out in my Etsy store.

Despicable Me Gru Doll

Gru, the lovable bad guy from Despicable Me. His arms, legs, and head are all sewn onto his torso. His scarf (which is REALLY long) is wrapped around his head then sewn on. Gru is not Gru without his scarf. ;-)  I loved working on Gru! My favorite part was doing his nose. It was fun getting him together and showing my family saying "Look! Here's his nose!" Then "Look! Here is his head!" which would then set on the sofa until the next night when I could crochet the rest of him. Poor little body-less Gru! But now he is not body-less. In fact he is 15 inches tall! Yay! Anyway, lets look at some pictures! :-)

Artsy  Gru ;-)

Oh look! More Gru!

Gru's back (and light catching bald head)

"Get back to work!"

Gru from afar



Gru's awesome jacket

Not to far, not to close, Gru 

If you like Gru, I can make on for you. Just check him out in my Etsy shop.