Friday, February 7, 2014

Despicable Me Gru Doll

Gru, the lovable bad guy from Despicable Me. His arms, legs, and head are all sewn onto his torso. His scarf (which is REALLY long) is wrapped around his head then sewn on. Gru is not Gru without his scarf. ;-)  I loved working on Gru! My favorite part was doing his nose. It was fun getting him together and showing my family saying "Look! Here's his nose!" Then "Look! Here is his head!" which would then set on the sofa until the next night when I could crochet the rest of him. Poor little body-less Gru! But now he is not body-less. In fact he is 15 inches tall! Yay! Anyway, lets look at some pictures! :-)

Artsy  Gru ;-)

Oh look! More Gru!

Gru's back (and light catching bald head)

"Get back to work!"

Gru from afar



Gru's awesome jacket

Not to far, not to close, Gru 

If you like Gru, I can make on for you. Just check him out in my Etsy shop.


  1. Wow! WE all LOVE "Despicable Me" at our house and these are adorable!