My Crochet Patterns

Harry Potter Blanket (Etsy & Ravelry)

Mabel Pines Doll (Etsy & Ravelry)

Waddles the Pig (Etsy & Ravelry)

Dipper Pines (Etsy & Ravelry)

Despicable Me Margo (Etsy & Ravelry)

Despicable Me Gru (Etsy & Ravelry)

Despicable Me Lucy (Etsy & Ravelry)

Anna Slipper Boots (Etsy & Ravelry)

Elsa Slippers (Etsy & Ravelry)

Kristoff Slipper Boots (Etsy & Ravelry)

Summer Garland (Etsy & Ravelry)

Fourth of July Garland (Etsy & Ravelry)

Back to School Garland (Etsy & Ravelry)

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