Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Disney Animator Scarf Pattern - FREE!

Today I have a free pattern for everyone! :-D Three weeks ago, I taught myself (finally!) how to knit. Whoo hoo! It is so. Much. Fun! 
Look at her all bundled up! Isn't she cute?

I can't believe I couldn't get knitting all these years and then I just picked up the needles and was able to do it (with the help of this YouTube video). 

So, I started knitting. And Knitting. And knitting. 

Ninja mode activate!
I didn't want to just make a square. I wanted to make something a little more useful than that. 

That's a lot a scarf.
That was when I looked over and saw little Rapunzel, who was sitting next to me, freezing in the cold. :-(
I thought "Why not make her a scarf? A Rapunzel worthy scarf!"

"Hello there!"
Thus the scarf pattern was born! It is SUPER simple, perfect for a beginner. 

"Pascal? What are you doing?"
All you do is cast on, knit a gazillion rows, and fasten off. Easy! Plus, it gives you a chance to practice the knit stitch. 
A LOT of chances to practice the knit stitch. ;-)
Now on to the pattern!

"Ruffians? They are no match for us ...and my scarf!"

Disney Animator Doll Large Scarf Pattern (Knit)

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Needles: size US 7

Cast on 15 stitches.

Knit every row, using the knit stitch, until your piece is 35 inches 
long (or longer if you want it).

Fasten off.

Ta da! Now your doll will have a nice warm scarf to wear in the winter months. 

Here is a PDF of the pattern above.
You can also find it (also for free) in my Raverly Store as a PDF.

Best buddies!
You may have noticed Rapunzel also has a yellow coat on, too. Hmm... ;-)
Stay tuned for more Disney Animator Doll related goodies!

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