Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Arthur Doll

One of my favorite TV shows as a kid to watch  (and, let's be honest,  still watch) is Arthur. I love the small town and how interesting things happen to regular kids. Its is funny, smart, and just entertaining! Since I love the show, what not make an Arthur doll?
The front
So I got to work.

The back
His head and body are all one piece. His arms, legs, ears and collar are sewn on.

His face

I also added little pink spots to his ears. So cute!

The outfit

His face was a little hard to do. I had to redo his glasses because I sewed them on crooked. :/ Whoops! The lesson is to pin in place before you sew. But now they are on better. 

Sweater close up

Overall, I love how he turned out. Now I want to make more Arthur characters. Arthur needs some friends. ;-) 

"Let's go to the library!"

Thanks for looking!

"Where is the tree house?"

"Wow! It's a lot bigger!"

"Let's look at the clouds!"


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