Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mini Teddy Bear Pattern - FREE

I have another free pattern for you this week! :-) This time it is a teddy bear you can sew for your doll. The Mini Teddy Bear Pattern works great with the Summer Pajama Collection Pattern for Disney Animator Dolls. The Summer Pajama Collection pattern was just released in my Etsy store yesterday. You can see it here

The dolls can't fall asleep with out their teddy bear to protect them. ;-)

The bear will be about 3 inches tall and (to me) works for a variety of dolls. I tested it against American Girl dolls, Hearts For Hearts dolls, Barbie, Gotz, and the Disney Animator dolls and the teddy bear looks cute next to all of them. :-)

Merida (Disney Store Barbie doll), Shola (Hearts for Hearts doll), Sylvia Natterer doll, Nellie (American Girl)

The bear is easy to sew up. All you need to know is the blanket stitch and whatever stitches you want for the face (I used the satin and back stitch).

Here are all the steps it takes to make the bear.

Here is the Mini Teddy Bear PDF pattern for you to enjoy. I hope you (and your dolls) like the bear you make! :-)

Go Teddy!

Tinker Bell and Teddy

Time for bed.

"Teddy, wants to stay up longer."

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