Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I've Done This Week (Week 2/4-2/10)

I decided to start and new series (sort of) of what I've been doing all week. Well, not EVERYTHING I do, just creative things. Like sewing, knitting, crocheting, needle felting, photography, dolly doings... that type of stuff. Hopefully this will help me see how much I do in a week, plus it will be fun to look at this in the future. :-) Anyway, this is what I did.

I made Rapunzel a coat,
Look at her all coat-y!
had a Rapunzel photo shoot (here is a sneak peak of the pictures),

I took pictures and posted the pattern of the Disney animator scarf,

Had a photo shoot and worked on a new sewing pattern (coming soon!)

"Aurora? Wake up!"

I finished the headscarf for the Disney Animator dolls (pattern to come soon!), plus I learned the purl stitch (!!!),

And.... I crocheted an Arthur (and had a photo shoot)! :-D I love how he turned out! I'll do a real post on him soon. :-)

And that was my week. ;-)