Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I did This Week (2/11/-2/17)

This week I.....

made oatmeal raisin cookies (a double batch ;-) ),

Fresh from the oven

I want to eat them all!!!

knit finger-less gloves for my Disney Animator dolls,

The glove line up

knit finger-less gloves for my Lalaloopsy doll,

"Ta da!"

They are so tiny!

knit finger-less gloves for my little sister,

Pink lady!

made muffins for my bunnies,

Patches loved it!

Hershey is not so sure. 

Prudy is nibbling away.

and tried to make shoes for my Disney Animator dolls.

Shoes are a lot harder than the look. :-\ But I finally figured out one that I'm happy with.

Fail-won't fit
Ok- good, needs tweaking
Winner- works great

I have also been working on sewing patterns! One of them will be up soon. :-)
And that was what happened in my neck of the woods! ;-)

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