Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Generation Tent Review

Back in March, I was at Target walking threw the toy section (as always) when I came across a tent for the Our Generation Dolls. Since the Our Generation dolls are 18 inch like my American Girl dolls, I bought the tent so I would have an easy portable tent (plus it was only $14.99 on sale).

When I opened the tent, I was blown away on how easy, portable, cute, and detailed the set was!

I love how the tent is pink and orange. It makes the tent so bright and happy! :-D

The tent has two doors that close with Velcro or you can roll back the flaps so the dolls can get in and out. 

There are also two windows that are covered in white mesh fabric. 

To set up the tent, you just connect the poles together with a connector, slide it threw the knit fabric loops, repeat 3 more times, then connect all the poles together with a 4 way connector. That. Is. It. 
So fast and easy!

The fabric is a little thin and the window fabric edges are not finished but for the price and easiness of the tent it doesn't really matter to me. 

But in this set you don't only get the tent, you also get a sleeping bag, a lantern (it really lights up!), a plate, cup, pitcher, and a stick with a (removable!) hot dog and marshmallow.
I love how this set comes with so many accessories!

The tent fits two American Girl dolls very comfortably. The sleeping bag works well, too!

I also decided to test the tent with different sized dolls I have.

All sorts of dolls will fit fine in the tent. it just depends on how you look at it.

The Hearts for Hearts dolls look nice in the tent, as do the Disney Animator dolls.

The Hearts for Hearts doll even have enough room to stand up!

Two dolls fit with some room left over for playing. Three Hearts for Hearts dolls can sleep in the tent comfortably.

The accessories work for the dolls, too. Now they won't starve! :-)

I also tried Barbie dolls in the the tent. The sizing is not perfect but it works if you pretend the test is a 10-15 person tent. ;-)

I could fit 8 dolls in the tent because that is all I had but, I think 10 would fit good (or more if you want to).

 The accessories are big for the Barbie dolls or  the Barbies are too tiny for the accessories....

Overall, the Our Generation Camping Tent set is a fantastic addition to my doll collection. It works great for all different dolls, easy to put together and take apart, and easy to store (everything can fit in the sleeping bag). 

My dolls love it and so do I. :-)

If you would like an Our Generation Camping Tent, check your local Target or order here from the Target website.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rapunzel Is Lost! PhotoStory

Worried about Rapunzel? Think she is lost forever? You are about to find out!
For a refresher, here is Part One.
"Rapunzel! What are you doing out here?" said Aurora.

"I was out for an adventure and got lost. I keep hearing a crunching sound, too. It's a little scary when you are all alone." Rapunzel said, looking around to make sure they were safe.

"I keep hearing a crunching noise, too!"

"There it is again!" the girls said in unison.


"It is just a rabbit," Aurora said relieved.

"Stay calm. It can probably smell fear," Rapunzel said.

"Fear? Why.." But Aurora was cut of by a...

"Oh, look! It is just an owl!" Aurora exclaimed

"I know you! I danced with you once upon a dream," Aurora said, swaying to music only she could hear.


The girls giggled.

"There it was again!" Rapunzel shouted.

"Phew! It is just a squirrel! Too bad we don't speak squirrel." said Rapunzel.

"Hehehe! Look, he crawled in my basket!" elated Aurora exclaimed.

"He is so cute! I wonder if we can keep him..."


"Was it you making all the crunching noises?"

"The noise keeps following us around."

"No, it wasn't me. It was probably just the forest animals. I came to bring you home it's too cold out here."

"And, Aurora, you forgot your hat."

"Thank you! Now, I'm toasty warm!"

"Let's go inside and make some hot chocolate!"

"Great! I'm starving! Maybe Anna can make us some sandwiches."

"Well, Rapunzel, it looks like you had an adventure after all," said Aurora.

"Yes! But it is a loot more fun when you have friends around." Rapunzel said, happy to be headed home.


I hope you liked the photo story. It was fun taking pictures of the Disney Animator dolls. They are very photogenic. :-)
If you like the coats Merida, Rapunzel and Aurora are wearing, I sell the pattern on how to make the coats here.

Thanks for reading!