Friday, May 17, 2013

Crochet Lalaloopsy Shoes

I'm very excited to share with everyone my very first crochet pattern I made. Whoo-hoo! :-D Let the parade begin! Lol

This pattern is shoes for the 13 inch Lalaloopsy dolls. I have gotten into sewing for these dolls recently and thought they needed some shoes to go along with the dresses I am making them. Thus the shoe pattern was born! The shoes are very easy to make and work up quick. The pattern also allows you to mix it up however you want. I hope you enjoy making these shoes as much as I have.

What you need:
- 3.75 mm crochet hook
- yarn (I used Red Heart yarn. Leftovers from past projects work great, too.)
- needle
- embroidery floss

- single crochet (sc)
- Back Loops Only (BLO)
- stitch (st)
- single crochet 6 together (sc6tog)

Shoe Pattern (make 2) -

Chain 7

1) Sc in 2nd chain from the hook. Sc in each st across.Continue to sc on opposite side of the chain. (12)

2) Sc on BLO around (12)

3) Sc in each st (12)

4) Sc in the next 3 stitches, sc6tog, sc in the next 3 (7)

5-14) Sc in each sc (7)

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Now take your embroidery floss and thread up the shoe like you were doing a real tennis shoe. Once at the top, tie the floss in a bow. I also knotted mine so they wouldn't come undone. Cut the ends Now you are done! :-D

Congratulations! You have made your own Lalaloopsy shoes for your doll!

- Add stripes
- Contrasting color shoe laces
- Crochet lace to the top
- Make the shoe shorter or taller 

*You do NOT have permission to sell this pattern. You DO have permission to sell the shoes you make from this pattern. If you do sell shoes from this pattern, please leave a like to the pattern. Thank you!*

Have fun making your shoes!


  1. These are very cute shoes !! The colors are lovely :) Well done, Miranda !! Thanks for sharing !!
    Saw your link on Sara's tangled happy blog.

  2. It's main benefit that these shoes can be produced at home . I have tried most of the patterns of these shoes but this is a new pattern thanks for sharing .

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