Friday, February 7, 2014

Despicable Me Lucy Doll

It's Lucy! The lady with the lipstick Taser. Yup!  :-)
She was great to work on! At first I didn't know if I should have her in her dress or in her coat. But I eventually decided on the coat since that is how we first see her in the movie. 

Her high heels gave me trouble at first. I finally just decided to go for it and see how they turn out and I was happy with the result. I crocheted her leg to a point then crocheted the base of the shoe. Next I added a chain for the heel and sewed a stitch for the two straps. 

The second hardest part in designing her was her hair. In the movie, her hair was in a loopy bun. But I couldn't think of a way to do it with out the loops falling out eventually. After consolting my mom(she helps A LOT with deciding on what to do), we decided on a braided bun. I attached yarn to form a  super long ponytail (it reached her feet(I guess you could say she is the "Modern Rapunzel"(Ooooo! Double! Now triple parentheses!))) then braided it and wound it up. 

Lucy took the longest to do but only because I couldn't decide on what to do. Curse you indecisiveness! But I love how she turned out! :-) 

Lucy close

Lucy far

Lucy's pretty close-up

Artsy Lucy ;-)

The trench coat



Wook at the widdle high heews!

Braidy bun!

An even closer close-up

More Lucy

You just know she is itching to get out her lipstick Taser.

Lucy looking left

Artsy Lucy Part 2

If you like Lucy, I can make one for you. Just check her out in my Etsy store.

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