Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catching up and Caroline

Hello all! Gosh,I haven't posted much! I will soon fix that because I have many posts lined up. Anyway,big news! On May 25th my baby sister was born! :-) Her name is Bellatrix Genevieve and she is now 3 months old. She is so much fun to hold and play with! I'm so glad I finally have a sister. :-) Here she is surrounded by my dolls.

Bellatrix with the dolls

The other news is that yesterday my family and I made a trip to the American Girl and my parents bought me Caroline as a graduation gift! (I also bought some more stuff with the money I've been saving,but that will be coming later). She is such a pretty doll! :-D Her eyes are a really neat color. AG calls it aquamarine,which I think suits them well since they are of a blue/green color. Her outfit is very cute...ALL her outfits are very cute. There will be more about her outfits later but for now pictures.

Caroline made Bellatrix all tickled! Lol 

Her eyes are so pretty
Curly Caroline

Close up on dress

Close up on shoes
Her accessory bag has her name written on it.

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