Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Want to see something adorable? Look at these

They are Bearies! Bears in berry form! They are SO cute! I made the pink one for my cousin for Christmas(...and one for my sister...and one for me ;-) ) and the Koala bearie for my aunt. I braided some thick embroidery floss I found at Wal-Mart and looped it around the base of the stem,added a key ring and made them key chains! I got the pattern from Gleeful Things. These are so easy you will want make one for everyone you know. :-)

Pink Bearie

Koala Bearie


  1. those are ADORABLE!!! i love those. they are so cute! i really want to learn how to crochet... maybe i can learn this summer..


    1. Thanks! I hope you learn to crochet,too. It is tons of fun to do! YouTube has some crochet videos that teach you how to crochet. I learned from a book called 'Kids Crochet'. It is easy to read and has fun projects to do,like make a doll. :-)

  2. I love those! You are super good at making stuff! I sort of know how to crochet... but I'm better at knitting.