Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Bee

I am so sorry for the lack of posting! I got busy with Christmas,starting Community College,and life. But I still have been crocheting and I try to sew when I can.
Lately I have been sewing Hearts for Hearts doll pants and shorts. I made a few extra pairs to sell so I will try to get those up this week.
I have been crocheting birthday presents for my family. I can't post any pictures because
1) I don't have any
2) I haven't given it to them yet. But that will change this weekend. Party-time! Hehe!
I am also currently working(by that I mean I drew it out and know how I'm going to crochet it) on creating crochet dolls form the show Gravity Falls. I love watching that show! I am first working on Mabel (since she is my favorite character) then I will more on to Dipper. Eventually I want to do Gruncle Stan,Wendy,and Soos.
Oh! And Waddles. Can't forget Waddles. :-)
And with that I leave you with this quote "Anything's legal when the cops aren't around."

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