Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Etsy Items

Hello everyone!

I have some new items up on my Etsy store,SweetPeaCove. I have



Mickey Mouse Phone Case
American Girl Animal Spirit Hood

The Spirit Hood is from the outfit I entered in the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Contest. I am Entry #39 here You can vote by commenting on the picture or e-mailing And you can vote for more than one outfit(there are a lot of good ones)! Thank you! :-)

Happy Saint Lucia Day!
Also,today is Saint Lucia Day! Kirsten is all decked out in her St. Lucia dress and served breakfast to all the dolls of Sweet Pea Cove now she is sitting by me while I type this out.

I can't believe it is so close to Christmas! Even though I've been listening to Christmas music and watching the shows,it doesn't feel exactly like Christmas. But I'm sure it will feel more and more like Christmas soon with the cold weather,decorating the tree(it is only half done),and baking all the Christmas goodies. Yum yum!

Now I'm off to sew some Christmas shirts. That will put me more in the mood!

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