Friday, April 10, 2015

What I Did the Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks I have been busy getting ready for my birthday and remodeling 2 rooms in my house so I haven't had a lot of time to post things on here. :-( But it is all done and I have new thing to share with you. :-) First things first, here is what I have been doing,

worked on remolding the sewing room (and an office for my dad) ,

knitted more finger-less gloves for the Disney Animator's Dolls,

The rainbow!!! (minus red)

finished the Easter Garland (now just working on the pattern),

started a summertime garland

A coconut drink and a surfboard. <3

made Carol's cookies for the Walking Dead season finale,

and helped my mom cook/get ready for my birthday.

I have also been working on patterns here and there and I'm happy to announce that the Winter Coat, Hat, and Mittens pattern for Disney Animators Dolls is up and ready in my Etsy store. I hope you like it!

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