Saturday, March 28, 2015

Disney Fairies are the Best!

When the Tinker Bell movie, The Pirate Fairy, came out last year, fully articulated Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Periwinkle, and Zarina dolls were released. 
I immediately snatched them up! I love how much you can pose the dolls. They are very fun to play with.

So when Tinker Bell and The Legend of the Neverbeast came out this year, I was expecting more dolls like that.
Fortunately, there were some.
Unfortunately, they were not movie related and there was no Fawn! :-(

The ones that are available are the Day to Night fashion dolls where you can transform the dolls skirt from a daytime look to a nighttime look. In that collection there are: Tinker Bell, Rosetta, and Slivermist.

I was really excited about Silvermist! Yay, another doll to add to my collection!! :-D

Silvermist's wings, however, are different from the Pirate Fairy dolls. The Pirate Fairy dolls have wings that Velcro to their clothes while Silvermist has wings that are attaches to her back by a plastic stick (her wings are still removable).

Silvermist is the same size as the Pirate Fairy dolls and she is fully articulated (movable at the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, and knee).

Her hair is very soft and very long. :-) I love long haired dolls! Silvermist has black hair with blue highlights, some are blue hair and some are shiny, thin plastic. Be careful with the shiny hair while brushing and styling, though, because the hair can kink up. I think it looks cool though and adds to the fact that she is a water fairy.

Silvermist's dress is really cute. The glitter top is printed on so that is a little disappointing. Her skirt is reversible/flip-able to be a fluffy skirt (my favorite) or a straight skirt. Her shoes are also removable.

Overall, Silvermist is a fantastic addition to my (or any!) Disney Fairy doll collection. I love how you can pose her different ways, she has really long hair, and her face is so cute and matches the cartoon very well.  Naturally, I had to take her out for a photo shoot (and all the other fairies, too). Enjoy!

Bonus! Here are some pictures of Tinker Bell and Periwinkle. They are so cute!

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