Saturday, March 14, 2015

What I Did This Week (3/4-3/10)

This week, I ....
took pictures in the snow,

"Elsa... What are you doing with that snowball?"

I loved taking pictures of Elsa in her element. ;-)

made two new skirts for the Disney Animator's Dolls (which will be included in the skirt pattern),

Hehe! So cute!

made a sausage quiche (I forgot to take a picture! :-/ ),

curled my old Barbie doll's hair and a Sleeping Beauty doll bought from Goodwill,

All the tangles out and ready to be curled!

I squirted her hair with water, curled it with straws, and held the straws in place with bobby pins.

SO much better!

worked on the Easter garland, trying out different versions,

Which  egg and tulip do you like?

 sewed Anna a dress,

Sewing Barbie clothes was not as hard as I thought.

Anna, admiring her surroundings.

"Lets go for a walk!"

and sewed 24 pairs of leggings(!) for American Girl dolls to Barbie dolls.

The whole crew!
The end.

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