Thursday, March 5, 2015

What I Did This Week (2/25-3/3)

This week, I

baked birthday cake parfaits for my mom,

Strawberry cake with Vanilla frosting.... yummy!

cooked Quiche Muffins (here is the recipe. Great for on the go breakfast!)

Pretty good. More muffin-y than quiche-y but still good.

sewed a doll coat, hat and mittens,

She is all pink!

worked on more doll patterns,

dressed my American Girl dolls,

Getting ready for more "Forever in Time" pictures!

knitted finger less gloves for my mom,

Ta da! Knitting is so much fun!
finished Mabel,
Out to ship tomorrow!

crocheted some Easter themed cuties for an upcoming pattern,

I'm REALLY excited about this one!
sewed (hand sew!) a Kawaii Spool of Thread pincushion (I love it so much!!),

So cute!

curled Aurora's hair (and also fixed my little sister's dolls' hair)

Before. In rollers but so long odd not so curly hair

After. Nice smooth and neat curls.
 And that was my week!
I also started doing Pilates for 30 minutes everyday. I feel so much better! I feel more energized and my body feels less stiff. It's great! :-)

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